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Low Voltage Pond Pumps

12v or 24v Pond Pumps which come with a transformer.

Low Voltage Pond Pumps are a great option for safely running cable through your garden and pond with less risk and lower regulatory requirements than 240v cable.

Product Price Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightmetresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Power UsagewattsPower SupplyvoltsWarranty
Oase Aquamax 12000 Eco Premium 12v Low Voltage Filter Pump
$1,549.00 120003.2340x280x165100125 Years
Oase Aquamax 6000 Eco Premium 12v Low Voltage Filter Pump
$1,059.00 60003.2340x280x16555125 Years
Teton GXR 1000 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$339.00 42003.5120x90x6080123 Years
Teton GXR 1200 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$389.00 50003.1120x60x9082123 Years
Teton GXR 165 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$119.00 6001.255x36x5611123 Years
Teton GXR 215 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$129.00 8001.565x40x6520123 Years
Teton GXR 250 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$144.00 1150270x50x6525123 Years
Teton GXR 350 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$165.00 15002.25115x85x7031.5123 Years
Teton GXR 500 Low Voltage Feature Pump
$185.00 20002.2120x60x9032123 Years
Reefe Low Voltage Extension Cable 10m Suits Reefe Low Voltage AC Pond Pumps
Reefe RP 1100 Low Voltage Low Voltage Feature Pump
$89.00 11002.0130x90x10517242 Years
Reefe RP 1500 Low Voltage Low Voltage Featuer Pump
$114.00 15002130x90x11020242 Years
Reefe RP 2400 Low Voltage Low Voltage Feature Pump
$149.00 23002.4155x100x12040242 Years
Reefe RP 4000 Low Voltage Low Voltage Feature Pump
$199.00 40002.75170x120x15070242 Years
Reefe RP 550 Low Voltage Low Voltage Feature Pump
$69.00 5501.2275x50x7510122 Years
Reefe RP 850 Low Voltage Low Voltage Feature Pump
$79.00 8501.8120x90x8519242 Years

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