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Acqua & Co Force 7.2 Sub Surface Aerator

Sub Surface Aerator and Mixer

Acqua and Co have a fantastic range of floating fountains and aerators. The Force 7.2 operates below the surface and does not spray any water into the air, mixing water from lower parts of the pond and adding oxygen to the water in the process, helping to remove algae.

  • The Force 7.2 subsurface option is hidden below the surface of the water and does not create a fountain, while still providing significant aeration and mixing water from lower depths at the same time.
  • Very reliable
  • High performance for a low cost
  • Must be installed by licensed electrician
  • Does not come assembled due to the risk of breakage when shipping. Must be assembled on site
  • Comes with cable from motor to top of electrical connection. Can be ordered with custom cable lengths, please call us for a quote
  • Available as single phase or 3 phase. Specify when ordering to avoid delays
  • Additional shipping charges may apply to these items depending on your location

Aussie's Observations about Acqua & Co Force 7.2 Sub Surface Aerator

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Any pond large area of water, particularly for dams and lakes which are prone to algae outbreaks or which require a beautiful fountain.

What we liked:

The Force is used to break down the lower levels below by adding oxygen at a depth of up to 1 metre. The Force is a floating surface float with its motor located below, the motor axis can be positioned to up to 35° above or below the horizontal position.

Less than ideal:


Technical Specifications

Product Name Acqua & Co Force 7.2 Sub Surface Aerator
Max Turnover Per Hour30,000 L/H
Size of Plumeheight x diameterNo Display
Min Operating Depth1m
Min Pond/Dam/Lake Size30 x 10m
Max Recommended Water Body Size Per Unit3300m2
Suitable for Commercial or Domestic UseCommercial, Dams
Pump PowerKiloWatts1.1kw
Nominal Current AmperesPhase7.5 (single) or 3.2 (three)
Voltage1 or 3 Phase
Power Cabel Length (Standard)20m
Warranty2 Years