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Automatic switch for pond & garden lights.

For incandescent and halogen lamps and pumps - 12volt AC.

hpm rgl10 automatic sunset timer

Automatic sunset timer
IP rating 56**

RGL10 Sunset timer $49

This automatic sunset timer  connects to a 12 volt AC transformer to switch lights and/or pump on automatically at dusk. It the can either:

1) It can then be set to turn off  2, 4, 6 or 8 hours later.
2) Set to turn off at dawn
3) It can also be overridden for manual operation.
Rated to 200VA

**IP56 - weather protected    IP67 waterproof, up to 1m ....    IP rating explained
VA explained.... Transformers are rated in VA, in a nut shell if you just exchange this for watts it will be easier to understand In other words a 20 watt light needs at least a 20VA transformer, however, it is best to give yourself a 20%+ safety margin, so two 50 watt lights should have at least a 120VA transformer   For more detailed information

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