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Ubbink Pond Fish Nets

Pond nets of various shapes, sizes and coarseness, used to catch fish for transfers or maintenance and to remove leaves and other debris. Telescopic handles on some models for longer reaches in large ponds.

  • Different shaped nets make it easier to catch fish depending on the shape of your pond
  • Large or small sizes available for large or smalle ponds or fish
  • Suitable for removing leaves and other soft debris
  • Telescopic handles available on some models to adjust length of net for larger ponds
  • High quality pond nets made from durable materials
  • Lightweight aluminium handle for ease of use

Aussie's Observations about  Pond Fish Nets

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Catching fish, removing leaves and other soft debris. Pond nets available for ponds or fish of any size.

High quality netting designed to minimise harm to fish. Wide variety of shapes to suit various applications.

Nothing for the price.

Product Price
Ubbink Large Adjustable Triangular Pond Fish Net 400mm Pond Fish Net 170cm Telescopic Handle
AquaPro Aquarium Fish Net 4” Aquarium Fish Net 26cm Handle
Ubbink Rectangular Pond Fish Net 250mm x 190mm Pond Fish Net 90cm Handle
$30.00 Not available
Ubbink Round Pond Fish Net 250mm Pond Fish Net 90cm Handle
$30.00 Not available