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Blagdon (Interpet) Bio Start Starter Bacteria

Kick starts the good bacteria in your pond

All ponds rely on biological waste breakdown cycles to keep them healthy. Bio-Start helps to rapidly establish this important natural process and so reduces new pond syndrome. Can be added directly into the pond or biological filter. Use also to help `kick start’ biological filters in spring and also boost filtration when new livestock is added. There are 8,500 million bacteria per sachet.

For help and information about common problems with Ponds and Water Quality see our Pond FAQ Help Section

  • Kick starts new filters
  • Helps good bacteria to redevelop after winter
  • Handy boost when adding new fish or doing a large water change
  • Rapidly speeds up cycling of your new pond
  • Safe for all fish, plants and wildlife
  • Use for new ponds or filtration systems.

Aussie's Observations about Blagdon (Interpet) Bio Start Starter Bacteria

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

New ponds, new filters and use when cleaning filters or changing the filter foams. 

What we liked:

Kick starts the biological processes which remove toxins from your pond very effectively. Just add the powder to your pond or directly into the filter.

Less than ideal:

Nothing whatsoever.

Product not available
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