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Indoor Water Gardens - Written by Philip Swindells

Surprising as it may seem, it is relatively easy to introduce a water feature inside your home so that the pleasure of small pools, fountains and trickling spouts, colourful aquatic plants and gently swimming fish can been enjoyed year-round whatever the weather. This exciting book focuses on projects that gardeners can create themselves to bring water into their living rooms. From conservatory pools to planted containers, there is something for every size of home.

Following are the major sections....  Raising conservatory pools, Indoor sunken pools, Conservatory pot fountains, Container water gardens, Water lilies and lotuses indoor, Illuminated features, Small indoor fountains, Terrariums and bottle gardens, Aquariums for aquatic plants, Indoor aqua scapes, Pumps and equipment, Plants for indoor features, Installing a conservatory pool & fountain, Bamboo spout fountain, Creating an aquatic plant display, Planting a window box for bog plants,  Growing a pygmy water lily in a bowl, Planting a bottle garden, Creating a floating candle-lit garden, making a tabletop fountain, Planting a terrarium, Making an insectivorous plant swamp garden, Planting a conservatory aquarium, Making an Aqua scape, Growing houseplants underwater, Setting up a carbon dioxide fertilization system, Maintaining water clarity, Looking after the equipment.

64 pages  -  colour photos  -   colour illustrations  - Book 21 x 23cm

Waterfalls & Fountains - Written by Philip Swindells

Soaring spout, soft cascade or quietly running trickle - you can add that touch of glamour to your garden with a variety of fountain features or a waterfall over which a stream can tumble. This book is filled with ideas for getting the excitement of moving water into the garden and simple ways of creating different visual effects with water staircases, wall and pond fountains, streams, canals and rills. It includes inspirational designs for gardens of every size.

Following are the major sections....  Natural waterfalls, Formal waterfalls, Canals and rills, Cascades and staircases, Streams & brooks, Waterside features, Ornamental fountains, Fountains stray effects, Wall fountains and grottoes, Self-contained fountain features, Basic design and construction, Pumps and filters, Header ponds and reservoirs, A waterfall from pre-formed units, Making a waterfall using liner, Making a canal or rill, Making a stream, Making a poolside feature, Fountain spray patterns, Installing a pond fountain, Making a wall fountain, Making a self-contained pond feature, Making a pot fountain, Building a fountain tree, Plants and fish, General maintenance , Maintaining hygiene and winter care.   

64pages  -  colour photos  -   colour illustrations  - Book 21 x 23cm

Pond features & Decorations - Written by Philip Swindells

There are lots of ways in which a water feature can be transformed by the addition of a decoration or a special feature - stepping stones, bridges, islands, paved or timber edging, decking terraces, planted rafts, submerged or pond side lights. They look fantastic and they need not be difficult to build and install. This profusely illustrated guide is filled with ideas for creating something special in your water garden, and includes simple practical advise on how to build and maintain a decorative feature for year-round pleasure.

Following are the major sections....  Decking, Lighting, stepping stones, bridges and causeways, Floating features, Islands, Edging with stone, Edging with timber, Natural edging with plants, Ornaments and decorations, Making your own decking, Using ready-made decking, Installing in-pond lights, Installing external lights, Making stepping stones, Laying stepping stones, making a wooden bridge, Installing arched bridges, Making a raft for planting, Making a wet island, Making a dry brick island, Edging with paving stones, Edging with a cobble beach, Edging with timber, Using natural grass edging, Edging with coir roll, Maintaining the eco-balance, Seasonal care.

64 pages -  colour photos -   colour illustrations  - Book 21 x 23cm

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Creative Pumps Book - Indoor Water Gardens By Philip Swindells
Creative Pumps Book - Waterfalls & Fountains By Philip Swindells
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Creative Pumps Book - Pond features & Decorations By Philip Swindells