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Tornado Floating Fountain

Floating fountain for medium ponds

The Tornado floating fountain is a fantastic fountain suited to larger ponds and small dams. Often installed in front or back yards or on larger properties. They are plug and play so no electrician required. Very easy to set up and install. Add a beautiful floating fountain to your yard to impress your friends and neighbours day and night*.

Thes Tornado Floating fountains are well designed withan extra large float. These floating fountains come with 3 different styles of nozzles which give off two different styles water patterns. The floats can house lights^. Up to 6 lights can be placed onto these floats. Suitable for large ponds or small dams. 

  • Maximum turn over per hour - 60,000 L/H
  • comes with 30 metres of cable
  • Comes complete with power plug, ready to be plugged into your RCD power point
  • Helps to reduce Algae blooms, adds extra oxygen into pond water
  • Strong built strainer around pump inlet.
  • We recommend a minimum working depth of 1.0 metres
  • High quality units
  • Lights can be added at a later time

Aussie's Observations about Tornado Floating Fountain

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

These floating fountains are well priced for large ponds and small dams. 

What we liked:

Nice big float. Well built screens to keep pump safe from debris.

Less than ideal:

Could not supply with lights as standard^.

From $2500

Technical Specifications

Product Name Tornado Floating Fountain
Max Turnover Per Hour60,000 L/H
Size of Plumeheight x diameter1 x 4 metres*
Standard nozzle,
Min Operating Depth1.0 metres*
We recommend this, although could operate in 0.7 metres
Min Pond/Dam/Lake Size100 metres square*
This is 10 x 10 metres
Max Recommended Water Body Size Per Unit500 SQM or 150,000 litres*
There are 2 ways to calculate this, size of surface area & total volume of water
Suitable for Commercial or Domestic UseBoth*
Although on the smaller size for a commercial use
Pump PowerKiloWatts0.600*
600 watts
Nominal Current AmperesPhaseSingle
Voltage230 AC
Power Cabel Length (Standard)30 metres*
This is maximum length for this unit.
Warranty1 year

Floating Fountain nozzle with a wide spray patternFountain height at nightFloating fountain with a high jetNarrow fountain nozzleWide spray pattern

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^ Lights were not included at this time, hopefully new designed lights will be available for both with the fountain and also to be added later.

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