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Tornado Ultrasonic Pond Mist Makers

Fogging and Mist Effects

Create a mystic or magical effect around your pond or water feature using our ultrasonic mist makers. Very simple to use, they sit just beneath the surface of the water and create a shroud of fog over the waters surface.

  • Available at single, three or five head mist makers depending on how much mist you wish to make
  • Some models available with in built LED lights (please call to enquire), they come standard with no LED
  • Transformer and plug included for plug and play operation
  • Create a beautiful, magical or mystical effect in your water feature or pond

Aussie's Observations about Tornado Ultrasonic Pond Mist Makers

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Ponds or Water Features which require something a little special or different

What we liked:

The mist is very fine and effective at creating a magical feel to your pond or water feature

Less than ideal:

Best used in sheltered positions or indoors as too much wind can blow away the fog

From $79