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Wall Garden Vertical Wall Garden System

Turn your wall into a garden

Short on space but love gardening? Want a convenient place to grow your herbs? Why not grow up instead of out? Wall Garden have an innovative planter system which allows you to easily turn any wall into a garden.

  • Maximise your garden area
  • Turn any wall into a beautiful green wall
  • Easy to install 
  • Irrigate the top planter only and it drips down into the boxes below
  • Perfect for balconies, courtyards or narrow spaces
  • Great for herbs or veggies such as lettuce, silverbeet, onions, oregano, thyme, mint
  • Large 600x200x200mm or small 200x200x200mm module sizes available - Individually or a pack of 10
  • Manufactured in Australia from recycled polypropylene
  • Many plant varieties are able to be grown in the modules, such as flax, ferns, ivy, lavender, geraniums, etc
  • Easy to move around 

Aussie's Observations about Wall Garden Vertical Wall Garden System

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Any vertical space in sun or shade. Great for those herbs which get frosted out in the garden in winter, and those which get burnt in summer. They are a great setup for aquaponics, as you get to circulate the water over and over.

What we liked:

Versatile, easy to move and maintain, well made. They are ideal for aquaponics, just remember to wash the potting mixture before you add your fish to the system. You can assemble them either vertically or horizontally, just remember to catch the water at the bottom.

Less than ideal:

 Nothing that we have found for the price point, it may help to have a something to collect water at the bottom if installed over a deck or paved area.

From $20

Product not available