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Creative Pumps Pond Liner Underlay

Synthetic Underlay

We recommend using underlay beneath all pond liner applications. It provides an extra layer of protection for your pond liner to help it last longer and defend it from root intrusion and other potential sharp objects. It is a completely synthetic material, which means it won't break down unlike old carpet or carpet underlays.

  • Provides an extra layer of protection and insurance for your pond liner
  • Recommended for use with any EPDM or PVC liners
  • Synthetic so it won't break down over years in the ground
  • Lightweight and affordable\
  • Comes in 5 x 2m pieces
  • 50m x 2m roll also available - please call us for a quote including freight

For help calculating your required piece, refer to our Pond Liner Calculator

From $40 per piece

How to calculate your pond liner size

Measure the length, width, and depth of your pond.  If you have an irregular shape, say like a "figure 8" shape, you must include the widest part of the "8" as your width and the longest length for your measurements.  The depth measurement should be the deepest part of your pond.  Next, put your measurements into the following formula to calculate the pond liner size you need:

Length  + twice the maximum depth + 2 x 300 mm* = length of pond liner needed
Width  + twice the maximum depth + 2 x 300 mm* = width of pond liner needed

For example, if your pond measurements are 3.5 m x 2.0 m and the pond depth is 1.1 m, here is how the formula works:

Length.... 3.5 metres +  2.2 metres (twice the depth) + 0.6 metres* =  6.3 metres in length 
Width .... 2.0 metres +  2.2 metres (twice the depth) + 0.6 metres* =  4.8 metres in width 
*or whatever you wish to allow for the out of pond overlap

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