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Creative Pumps 0.5mm Thick PVC Pond Liner

PVC Pond Liner for Domestic Use

0.5mm thick PVC Pond Liner is great for small - medium ponds in domestic gardens. It is generally suitable for ponds up to 5000L. Not recommended for ponds with large rocks or commercial projects - try the EPDM for a stronger option.


  • UV stabilised
  • Resistant to heat and cold.
  • Non toxic, suitable for fish and wildlife
  • Can be glued or repaired if necessary, but we recommend buying a piece large enough to cover your pond without joins to avoid troubles in the future
  • 5 year guarantee

Delivery cost have sky rocketed and all orders which are heavier than 30 kG are now subject to a additional freight charge of $85

How to install you pond liner - click here

For help calculating your required piece, refer to our Pond Liner Calculator

Aussie's Observations about Creative Pumps 0.5mm Thick PVC Pond Liner

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Small ponds in domestic gardens up to about 5000L. It can be used for larger ponds as well but often it is worthwhile going up to a thicker gauge, which will last longer and allow for a more robust installation.

What we liked:

A great value product and very popular due to the price. When installed correctly you will have no troubles. UV stabilised.

Less than ideal:

Not as flexible or resistant to puncturing as the EPDM liner but still good for small ponds. 

$11 per Square Metre

***** Purchasing Instructions  *****
Step 1:
Select the Roll Width from the first drop down box. This is how wide your piece of pond liner will be.
Step 2: Select the Length from the second drop down box. This is the length we will cut from the roll and will be the length of your liner. 


  • For a piece 2m x 2m - select a roll width of 2m and a quantity of 2.
  • For a piece 5m x 3m - select a roll width of 3m and a quantity of 5.
  • For a piece  5.5m x 9m - select a roll width of 6m and a quantity of 9. Note: You will have some off-cuts leftover.

Step 3: Click add to cart and then check out and complete your purchase along with any other items you require (underlay, pumps, filters etc)

How to calculate your pond liner size

Measure the length, width, and depth of your pond.  If you have an irregular shape, say like a "figure 8" shape, you must include the widest part of the "8" as your width and the longest length for your measurements.  The depth measurement should be the deepest part of your pond.  Next, put your measurements into the following formula to calculate the pond liner size you need:

Length  + twice the maximum depth + 2 x 300 mm* = length of pond liner needed
Width  + twice the maximum depth + 2 x 300 mm* = width of pond liner needed

For example, if your pond measurements are 3.5 m x 2.0 m and the pond depth is 1.1 m, here is how the formula works:

Length.... 3.5 metres +  2.2 metres (twice the depth) + 0.6 metres* =  6.3 metres in length 
Width .... 2.0 metres +  2.2 metres (twice the depth) + 0.6 metres* =  4.8 metres in width 
*or whatever you with to allow for the out of pond overlap

For help calculating your required piece, refer to our Pond Liner Calculator

Our pond liners  -  pricing and available sizes

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