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Creative Pumps Round Ponds

Round Pre-Formed Plastic Ponds

Here at Creative Pumps we have a wide variety of round plastic ponds including the Ubbink Victoria, the Statue range and Wine Barrel Liners.

  • Victoria range available with an optional galvanised grate that can hold up to 500kgs, including some statues or urns. Also great for protecting fish from birds or stopping people from falling in
  • Victoria range can be free standing, which means you don't need to bury it or build in support for the edges (unless using a grate with heavy opjects on top)
  • Statue ponds can hold very heavy statues and fountains when buried in the ground with correct base preparation
  • UV resistant plastic will last for years
  • Perfect for formal gardens and features
  • Quick and easy to install compared to pond liner, which can be tricky to shape for round ponds
  • Wine Barrel Liners fit into a half wine barrel to convert it into a small pond, also available with a cascade spillway for drop off into another pond. They can also be installed straight into the ground in your garden
  • Can be shipped Australia Wide - Please ring for freight quote

Aussie's Observations about Creative Pumps Round Ponds

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Ponds and water feature bases of various sizes.

What we liked:

Easier to install than pond liner or pond seal membrane paint. Long lasting.

Less than ideal:

Only certain sizes available. If you want a custom/flexible pond size use a liner.

From $75

Round Ponds - (pickup prices from shop, call for freight prices)

Round ponds

Diameter x Depth - mm Litre capacity Material Colour/s
Ubbink Victoria - 60 660 x 360 90 Plastic Black
Ubbink Victora - 90 880 x 320 150 Plastic Black
Ubbink Victora - 112 1100 x 350 275 Plastic Black
Round Statue Pond 3'6" 1190 x 220 210 Plastic Black
Round Statue Pond 5'0" 1590 x 280 540 Plastic Black
Wine barrel - 74 740 x 350 100 Plastic Black

Wine barrel - 74 With Cascade

740 x 350 100 Plastic Black
Galvanised iron grating to suit Ubbink 60 including hatch 600 x 25   steel silver
Galvanised iron grating to suit Ubbink 90 including hatch 870 x 25   steel silver
Galvanised iron grating to suit Ubbink 112 including hatch 104 x 25   steel silver