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Creative Pumps Waterblade Spillway Plumbing Kits

Hoses and Fittings for Waterblade Spillways

Check your pool pump first.

Waterblade Spillway plumbing kits***

*** These plumbing kits are best for ponds. Normally a pool or spa would be hard plumbed with PVC pipe. The kits below use flexible hose.
All kits contain flexible spiral hose*, hose tails, hose clamps, "T" fittings for spillways with more than one inlet. This kit does not include through wall fittings**
*If the supplied hose length needs to be modified please let us know.
**This kit provides plumbing from the pump directly to the spillway - Click here for through wall fittings

Waterblade Plumbing kits


Kit No.

600mm Plumbing kit 1 28 38mm x 1.5m
900mm Plumbing kit 1 28 38mm x 1.5m
1200mm Plumbing kit 1 28 38mm x 1.5m
1500mm Plumbing kit 1 28 38mm x 1.5m

From $58