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DAB DAB-DIVERTRON1200 Pressure Pump

Submersible pump with in built pressure control

The Divertron is DABs premium option for a submersible pressure system. Italian made, this pump has an in built pressure controller so there is no need to mount one above your tank in order to acheive automatic operation. Perfect for underground tanks or formal coutryards. Anything that requires a hidden or quiet pump. The flow and pressure is very good and it is suitable for single or two story homes and garden watering or irrigation.

  • 2 Year warranty
  • High flow and pressure for 2 story homes
  • In built pressure controller for easy setup and automatic operation
  • Very reliable DAB quality
  • Will turn on when you open a tap downstream and turn off when you close it automatically
  • Great for underground tanks
  • Quieter than an external pump
  • No need to mount an external pump and cover outside your tank
  • Available with or without a rainsaver (mains backup system)

Aussie's Observations about DAB DAB-DIVERTRON1200 Pressure Pump

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Rainwater tanks, underground tanks, household water supply or garden watering where automatic operation is required.

What we liked:

Very quiet being installed in the tank, also unobtrusive. Easy to install thanks to in built pressure control unit. No need for an external box.

Less than ideal:

This is as good as it gets for a submersible pressure system.

From $938

Technical Specifications

Product Name DAB DAB-DIVERTRON1200 Pressure Pump
Max Flow L/Minutelitres per min95
Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hour5700
Max Head HeightMeters48
Outlet Thread BSPmm25
Power Cable Length10
Approved for Drinking Water AS/NZ4020Yes
Made inItaly
Model NumberDAB-DIVERTRON1200