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FloJet LF Series Spare Parts

Diaphragms, Check Valves, Pressure Switches

Genuine spare parts to suit the Flojet LF series Diaphragm Pumps. If you require parts that you cannot find on our site please call us as we should be able to supply them to you.

Use the table below to determine which part you need. To order, simply select the matching part from the  drop down list to the side of the page, select your quantity and it to the add to cart. 

FloJet - Electric Pumps - Spare parts
If not listed please call as we can cross match your pump to new parts

LF Series
Pump Model Diaphragm Kit No. Price Check Valve Kit No. Price Pressure Switch No. PSI Price
LF112201 20862-100*** $53.00     02090-104 35 $91.00
LF111421 20862-100*** $53.00     02090-104 35 $91.00
LF122202         02090-104 35 $91.00
LF122401 20862-100*** $53.00     02090-104 35 $91.00
*** Note: this kit also contains discharge suction and bypass seats, compression springs and valves ***

From $53