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Laguna Max-flo and Powerjet Free-flo Pond Pump Replacement Impellers

Spare Parts

Laguna "Max Flo" & "Free Flo" - Spare parts* Here at Creative Pumps we know that when your Laguna Maxflo or Freeflo pond pumps stops it will effect your pond quickly. We carry replacement impellers for the following Laguna Maxflo filter pumps 2200, 3500, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7500, 9000, 11000, 16000.

Pump model
Part #
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 2200 PT-759 (shaft) + PT-455 (Impeller
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 3500/4000 PT-457
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 5000 PT-396
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 6000 PT-459
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 7500/7600/9000 PT-468 and/or PT-461
Max-Flo & Free-Flo 11000 PT-465
Max-Flo 16000/16500 PT-354

From $50

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