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Clearpond Biostarter 500ml

Kick starts the good bacteria in your pond

Clearpond Biostarter is a liquid which contains good bacteria which helps to cycle your pond, reduce ammonia and other toxic compounds as well as kick starting or boosting the biological function of your pond or aquarium filter.

  • Contains good bacteria which your pond needs to transform toxic compounds such as ammonia into safer substances
  • Fast tracks the naturally occuring process in the pond which grows this bacteria
  • Completely harmless to all fish, frogs and plant using wildlife - natural product
  • Reduces algae and helps to clarify the water
  • Can significantly assist in maintaining a healthy pond when used regularly

Aussie's Observations about Clearpond Biostarter 500ml

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Adding to your pond when you do a water change, fill a new pond or clean your filter.

What we liked:

Kick starts the biological functions inside your pond and filter which reduce toxins and ammonia. Safe for all fish and wildlife.

Less than ideal:

Nothing whatsoever. Do not overdose.


Coverage - (Weekly maintenance rate except for winter)
Use 15ml for ponds up to 200 litres.
Use 25ml for ponds between 201 - 400 litres. 
Use 50ml for ponds between 401 - 1000 litres.
Use 100ml for ponds between 1001 - 2000 litres
For ponds from 2000 - 10,000 litres use at an initial dose of 1 litre then 500ml per month

Benefits - Contains highly concentrated, selected natural bacteria responsible for stabilizing and maintaining the biological activity necessary to clean freshwater ponds naturally. 
Eliminates the build up of ammonia and nitrite. Helps reduce the formation of algae naturally by completing for nutrients used by algae for their growth. 

Instructions - Initially dose the pond at twice the weekly maintenance rate. Shake bottle well before use. Mix with pond water ( do not use tap water) in a clean container free of herbicides and pesticides. Sprinkle mixture over the surface of the pond. For best results the pond water temperature should be above 15 degrees Celsius. Use during initial pond setup or when cleaning filters or increasing fish stocks.

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