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Hurlcon Cascade Rain Effect Spillway Water Feature

Suitable for Pools

The Hurlcon Cascade Rain Effect Spillways are a unique water feature which creates the effect of rain, projecting out from a wall. Unlike the blade of water that comes from a normal projecting spillway, the Hurlcon Cascade Rain Effect doesn't get thinner or break apart if you mount it too high. This means it can be mounted much higher and the sheet of water will look great right to the bottom - just keep in mind it gets noisier as you go higher.

  • Suitable for chlorinated or salt water swimming pools
  • Australian Made
  • Made from white PVC
  • Creates a beautiful and unique rain effect
  • Can be mounted higher than normal spillways
  • Available in lengths up to 2400mm long
  • 40mm glue in PVC inlets - 1 for 300-1200mm long and 2 for 1800 and 2400mm long
  • Pipe enters through the back of the unit, bottom entry not available
  • Not available with LED lights
  • Box is 78mm x 56mm high with a 25mm lip length
  • Connects to a pool pump
  • Spillway requires a pump that can deliver between 13 and 25 litres per minute to the spillway for every 300mm of length. Example: A 600mm long spillway requires between 26 and 50 litres per minute to function correctly
  • Please call on 1800 607 388 for advice or assistance in choosing your spillway

Aussie's Observations about Hurlcon Cascade Rain Effect Spillway Water Feature

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Swimming pools and spa's.

What we liked:

A very unique and beautiful effect. Can be mounted quite high and maintain the integrity of the display.

Less than ideal:

In-built LED lights are not effective with this kind of water feature.

From $359

Projecting water features & pump information

For Hurlcon & Waterblade brands ... Suitable for pools & spas

Maximum projection for Rain effect spillways from Hurlcon

Above for "Rain effect" only
Using the maximum flow of 25 Litres per minute (lpm) for every 300mm of spillway width. At 25 LPM the projection should be 300mm

Understanding this chart
The left vertical numbers
represent mounting heights of the spillway box in mm
900mm is the maximum recommended mounting height above the top of the pool water surface.

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