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Oase Biotec, Biosmart & Screenmatic Filter Spare Parts

Spare Parts, Filter Foams & Sponges

We have replacement foams available to suit all Oase Gravity Filters including the Biotec, Biosmart and the Screenmatic ranges.

Over the years Oase have change the set up of some of these filters including the number of foams inside. Before ordering, make sure you check the quantity of foams you require by counting the foams in your old filter and ordering the quantity you need to replace them. Select the foam type you need (eg blue) and the quantity then add it to your cart. You can then select the next type of foam you need (eg red) and the quantity and add it to your cart, then green if required. Please call us any time if you need any assistance. 

If you require any spare parts not listed here or parts for any Oase Gravity Filter not listed here please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Oase Biotec, Biosmart and Screenmatic Replacement Foams*

Model Qty of Red foams in filter Qty of Blue foams in filter Qty of Green foams in filter Price per individual foam
Biotec 5 1 2   $40
Biotec 5.1
(Biosmart 18000)
1 2 1 $34
Biotec 10 3 3   $40
Biotec 10.1
(Biosmart 36000)
3 3 1 $34

Biotec Screenmatic 40000 / Biotec 12

6 6   $28
Biotec Screenmatic 60000 / Biotec 18 9 9   $30
Biotec Screenmatic 140000 / Biotec 36 18 18   $30

**Price shown is for individual foams, not a full set


From $28

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