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Clearpond Pondzyme+ Concentrate Sludge Remover

Concentrated Pond Sludge Remover

Clearpond Pondzyme+ Concentrate is the concentrated form of Clearpond Pondzyme. Suitable for large ponds, dams and commercial applications this concentrated form offers outstanding value for any pond keeper.

  • Available in 500ml or 2L sizes
  • Suitable for larger ponds and frequent users
  • Amazing value for money
  • Must have good circulation and high oxygen levels in water before and during use
  • A special enzyme based formula that removes harmful sludge from the bottom of ponds.
  • Also consumes dead algae after treating ponds with algae control products
  • 2L bottle treats up to 285,000 litres 
  • Reduces sludge, algae, debris and therefore pond maintainence.
  • Restores biological activity and helps to maintain a natural and healthy balance in pond water.

Aussie's Observations about Clearpond Pondzyme+ Concentrate Sludge Remover

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Larger ponds and bodies of water with a build up of organic waste.

What we liked:

Highly concentrated makes this very good value, especially for larger ponds and bodies of water.

Less than ideal:

Highly concentrated so be careful not to overdose!!

Product not available

Benefits - Contains highly concentrated, selected natural bacteria which use organic waste as food, this helps reduce the build up of sludge and nutrients that algae uses to grow Results in cleaner and clearer water. Reduces sludge, algae, debris and therefore pond maintenance Safe for fish and plants if used in ponds with adequate aeration at recommended dosage rates.

Instructions - Initially dose the pond at twice the weekly maintenance rate Shake bottle well before use Mix with pond water in a clean container free of herbicides and pesticides. Sprinkle mixture over the surface of the pond. For best results the pond water temperature should be above 15 degrees Celsius and have a pH above 6.5. Discontinue use in winter when the pond temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius

All ponds gradually accumulate a layer of sludge on the bottom. The sludge is usually composed of decaying leaves, dead algae and plants, fish wastes and uneaten fish food.
A sludge build up is not only unsightly but it also clogs filters and pumps, reduces oxygen levels and produces toxic gases as it decomposes. CLEARPOND PONDZYME PLUS CONCENTRATEcontains beneficial bacterias that feast on the organic waste and nutrients found in sludge producing harmless carbon dioxide and water as waste products aiding in the cleanliness of the pond.

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