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Hansen Threaded Male Female Through Wall Fitting SFTFT

Outlet for ponds or tanks

A threaded fitting, male one side, female on the other side used to create an inlet or outlet in the wall of a pond or tank which holds water. Suits walls up to 50mm thick.

wall thickness
Part No.
15mm ~ 1/2" 50mm


20 mm ~ 3/4" 50mm SFTFT 20
25mm ~ 1" 50mm SFTFT 25
32mm ~ 1 1/4" 50mm SFTFT 32
40mm ~ 1 1/2" 50mm SFTFT 40
50mm ~ 2" 50mm SFTFT 50


This fitting can be used in conjunction with:
male and female hose tails tees elbows etc

*Approx BSP to metric thread equivalent 
 3/4" = 20mm      1" = 25mm        1 1/4" =  32mm     1 1/2" = 40mm       2" = 50mm

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