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Ubbink Filtraclear and Filtramax Gravity Filters

Ubbink's range of gravity filters are made in the Netherlands to a very high quality. Featuring an integrated Ultra Violet Clarifier, Fitler Sponges, Bioballs and Bio Granules, the Ubbink Filtraclear and Filtramax offer Ultra Violet, Mechanical and Biological filtration to keep your pond clear and your fish happy and healthy.

  • Integrated Ultra Violet Clarifier to kill suspended green algae that turns your water green, keeping it clear
  • Filter sponges to remove sediment
  • Bioball and Bio Granules which create an ideal environment for nitrifying bacteria to grow. These help to break down ammonia and other toxins produced by fish, and remove them from the pond
  • Very easy to clean, simply take off the lid
  • Flushing valve to clear waste from the bottom of the cannister quickly
  • UV Stabilised and robust contruction for long life
  • Ideal for messier fish such as Koi since they can hold a lot of waste and are easy to clean
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • A modular system. Link multiple Ubbink Filtramax 12500 filters together with a single pump for larger ponds. Easy to extend your filtration system if your fish grow larger/breed or increase the size of the pond. (See diagram towards the bottom)

Aussie's Observations about  Filtraclear and Filtramax Gravity Filters

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Domestic ponds up to 12500L where it is possible to have your filter located above the water level. Ideal for Koi/Turtles or heavier fish stocking.

Very easy to clean, in built UVC. High build quality from Europe. Link multiple filters together for added flexibility and performance.

Nothing for the price point.

Product Price Filter TypeIdeal Flowlitres per hourMin Flowlitres per hourMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPond Max Vol (No Fish)litresPond Max Vol (With Fish)litresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Back Wash SystemUVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardWarranty YearsCleaning IndicatorCanister Above GroundIf canister buried, how much shows above ground?Foam FiltersBio BallsFor micro-organism growthPower Cord LengthHose Tails SuppliedHose Tails OptionalMax Pump Pressure

Filter selection

To choose the ideal filter for any pond you must first know the correct flow through the filter to maintain ideal water quality for your pond. (Please remember that the pond size alone does not determine the filter or pump size without first taking into account the many environmental and physical factors) 
3 ways to get help to establish flow

  1. Fill in one of our e-mail help forms and let us do all the calculations for you
  2. Give us a call 1800 607 388 for expert advice
  3. Do it yourself and use our quick reference flow calculator for rough estimate
  • Step one: Establish the required flow through the filter keeping in mind waterfall** height if any, or long hose**
  • Step Two: Choose a filter from the chart below
  • Step Three: Choose a pump, they are listed below in order of quality and suitability


Recommend Flow Rates Through Filter

  4500 8000 12500 2 x 12500 3 x 12500
Minimum Flow 500 1400 2500 5000 7500
Ideal Flow (See hint 4) 1750 2100 5000 10000 15000
Maximum Flow 2200 2500 6250 12500 18750


Suggested Pumps

  4500 8000 12500 2 x 12500 3 x 12500
Suitable pumps (assuming no waterfall, filter located approx 1m from pond or less at ground level)

Laguna Max-flo 2200

Oase Aquamax  Eco Classic 2500

Laguna Max-flo 2200

Oase Aquamax  Eco Classic 2500

Laguna Max-flo 4000-7600

Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 3500-5500

Laguna Max-flo 7600-16000

Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 5500-14500

Laguna Max-flo 9000-16000

Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 8500-17500

Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 8000-20000


Pond Sizes

  4500 8000 12500 2 x 12500 3 x 12500

No Fish

4500 8000 12500 20000 30000
Some Fish 3375 6000 9000 15000 22500
Medium Fish 2250 4000 6000 10000 15000
Lots of Fish 1150 2000 3000 5000 7500
Koi & Turtles 1150 2000 3000 5000 7500

No fish - Near natural garden ponds with plant zones, without fish.
Some fish - Garden pond with plants and fish stock of 40cm per 1,000 litres
Medium fish - Garden pond with plants and fish stock of up to 60cm per 1,000 litres
Lots of fish -Garden pond with plants and fish stock of up to 80cm per 1,000 litres

Aussie's additional thoughts
Tip 1: When calculating flow,  always allow about a 15% flow loss
Tip 2:Place the pump at the opposite end of the pond to the water return, and in the deepest part of the pond
Tip 3: Interpet offer a chemical to prime filter systems, a great way to hasten biological activity Interpet Bio start
Tip 4: If in doubt always choose a pump with less than the maximum recommended flow  Within reason the slower the water passes over the UV lamp and through the filter the better the result. However, you can never have too much pond flow, so, by having a slightly oversize pump and releasing water directly back into the pond or on to a feature or waterfall through a "Tee" with a flow valve, added circulation is provided for the pond.